Meet Kaye

Mini mama bear of two. One half of a high school sweetheart dream team. I am a recovering photographer who left the industry to pursue living a slower life with my favorite people. I am the least 'military wife' military wife that you'll ever meet. And currently live in Northern California. I love taking photos, reading YA, reality TV, and I have the worst addiction to shopping. My Starbucks order is either a Ventie Iced Passion Tango or a Grande Green Tea Latte with Almond milk. Feel free to send either of those to my doorstep at any time. 

Some other key things about me:

Oh Kaye Love is a lifestyle blog for any girl (or guy!) who finds themselves just outside of the basic box. Sure the baristas at the Starbys in your local Target know your name, order, and social security number, but you also enjoy setting yourself apart from the crowd. You'll find anything from skincare reviews to food to mom junk to a good ole' journal entry from the heart here. So grab your favorite drink and enjoy. Thanks so much for stopping by!

**All but one photo was taken by Sarah Lee Williams at View more of her work on Instagram.**
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