Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Skincare Addict Travels

As a teenager I didn't struggle with troubled skin. I mean, I had the occasional pimple, I wasn't perfect. But I didn't have acne. I was a lucky duck! That luck didn't last. By the time my 25th birthday rolled around, adult acne hit me like a ton of bricks. It. Was. Rough. I went through regimen after regimen. I went on prescription acne treatments. I tried everything under the sun to remedy this confidence busting issue. It took me almost 3 years to understand what my skin actually needed. And even a year after that to really nail down my own personal regimen. Through the process, I fell in love with all things skincare!

But as much as I would LOVE to open that can of worms, I'll leave that for another day. For now, I wanted to do a quick little post about narrowing down my full shelf of serums and creams to just a few essentials for travel.

Now some of you are going to think, "Holy shit! Narrow it down? That's more crap than I use in a year let alone day." And you know what, thats cool! If you are a minimalist when it comes to skincare, more power to you. But for me, skincare is a form of self care. The multi-step process calms me at the end of a long, hard day. I love doing the research on each product. And I REALLY love when I find a product that my face just adores. These two baggies of products I am about to show you honestly is me painstakingly narrowing down my daily regimen. Besides, I have a pretty small collection of products when it comes to the skincare world! Some girls have shelves and shelves of glorious little bottles of liquids. I have just under one.

It was super hard to narrow down the serums the most. Any given night I use 2 to 3 serums. So the idea of trying to take a minimalist approach in the serum department has been tough. I ended up going with The Ordinary's Lactic Acid 5% because its a good exfoliator. I use this every other night. On the nights I don't, I use good old hyaluronic acid + b5 by Glossier. That way when I'm not exfoliating I am just putting in extra hydration. I use salicylic acid every night as a spot treatment to keep breakouts away. My morning serum was pretty easy because I only use one! And that's niacinamide 10% + zinc. Its definitely one of my favorite serums because it helps calm redness and keep oil at bay. 

My cleanser and toner bottles are both pretty beastly. So to cut down on space I just picked up some mini travel bottles from Target. They are only about $1.50 a pop so its so much cheaper than trying to find travel sizes of the products you can't live without. 

Everything else are just things I deem completely necessary. Cotton rounds for my glycolic toner. An eye cream, Milk's hero salve is super hydrating and works in a pinch! My morning toner, because glycolic acid shouldn't be used in the mornings. Milk's Matcha toner is perfectly refreshing for the mornings! A night time moisturizer that is super hydrating to put back in moisture that I've lost through the day. A daytime moisturizer that has SPF in it. And my retinoid. If you aren't using a retinoid yet, GET THE FUCK ON IT. If you suffer from acne or are breakout prone, Differin will help to keep those breakouts away. It helps with fine lines, wrinkles, and prevention of both! Do yourself a favor. Its $13 at Target. Your skin will thank you! 

Now I take all of these travel essentials and throw them into a couple of Glossier bubble wrap ziplock baggies!! 

Hopefully nothing explodes on the way. I have faith in my holy Glossier bags. 



  1. I need to try The Ordinary products! That serum from Glossier I have been eyeing! I just purchased the custom balm Dotcom trio. I think next will be that serum! Oh and thanks Kaye for giving me a reason to go to Target. I'm now going to look into that Differin gel ;b

    I'm going to be using my glossier baggies for when I go to Washington next week! They're so cute!


    1. To be honest, I'd get The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid vs the Glossier! Its cheaper and works just as well :D I can't wait to see your Washington trip post go up!! Have so much fun <3

    2. I was looking at The Ordinary on Beautylish and I saw that hyaluronic acid. I think whenever I place an order I'm going to get their. Glossier is more for the packaging for me haha. I rather try the cheaper one first especially since I heard it works really well.

      I don't know what we're going to do on this trip there but I'm so excited to just be back and this time it won't be 30 degree weather hahaha!


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